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Rail Car Loading Rack

Railcar Loading Platforms

We design, engineer, and fabricate railcar loading rack systems to fit your railcar loading, unloading, inspection, and sampling applications. Our system design provides your operators with a convenient,

Safety being the main concern, Operator Mobility is the second most important consideration. Work area and operator mobility should be unobstructed. Canopy heights provide ample clearance for loading arm positioning.

Two Basic Designs

Loading Racks with single center column design for limited space.

Loading Racks with multi-column design for greater load bearing.

All of our rack systems can be equipped with safety bridges, safety stairs, or safety enclosures for access to the entire railcar.In addition to the various designs, our rack systems can include optional or non-standard equipment additions or features. We have taken the design of rack systems to a new level - modular rack systems. Given the application, our racks can be designed in modular sections that can be pre-piped, ready for installation.

Modular Rack Systems allow minimal site disruption and limited on-site personnel which translates into limited exposure to accidents or lost time. Modular Rack Systems allow you to bring your operations online quicker than assembling the rack system in the field.

  • Fabrication: All rack systems are fabricated and pre-assembled by certified welders. Each structural weld is certified to the AWS codes. Pipe welds are performed by welders certified under ASME, section 9.
  • Durability: All rack systems are designed to the environmental conditions for each job site to allow for the proper material strengths.
  • Finishes and Coatings: Each rack system is available in a variety of finishes. Hot dip galvanized is the most durable. Red oxide primer and an epoxy two-part paint finish are also available.
  • Cost Effective: Our rack systems are fabricated in pre-piped modular sections to facilitate reduced set-up times. Smaller platforms can be shipped to the job site completely assembled.
"We do have a very nice looking loading rack..." - T.L. Maddox