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New Products

Hexa-Covers are designed to float on top of a pool of liquid. Made of Polypropylene, they are resistant to a variety of chemicals, and offer many benefits:

- Buoyant, even if they become perforated
- Offers up to 99% coverage
- Can fit virtually any container shape
- Maintain coverage regardless of changes in level
- Reduce odors
- Help liquids retain heat
- Minimize UV Exposure
- Prevents Evaporation
- Reduces organic growth
- Discourages water fowl from landing
- 10 year warranty, with a 25 year expected life span

Simple to install, the Hexa-Cover is simply poured from a bag or other container onto the liquid. The unique shape ensures that they won’t stack on top of one another, and the inter-connecting edges help ensure maximum coverage of the liquid, while allowing easy access if a sample is needed. Available in 7 and 9” sizes, and sold by the square foot, they are a simple and economical way to protect open liquids from the environment.